Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Cody! Bowling at Fat Cats

Nichole & Cody

Kaelan pushing his ball with one finger


Jax being goofy

Hudson waiting patiently for his ball to hit the pins

Brea & Kaelan

Carstons spy glasses

Kangaroo Zoo Fun

We went to Kangaroo Zoo a couple of times this month. Once for Hudson's school and once Just for fun. Thanks to Nichole, Cody and Brittany we were able to keep up with my crazy boys.

The random things that my boys do

This is what my boys do for fun... Make clothing out of tin foil

Jaxon thought that it would be a good idea to put silly putty on his eye. As you can see, not a very good idea. Hopefully the pain from picking it out of his eyebrows and eyelashes will keep him from doing it again:)

Timberlakes Christmas trip

The Family

Castson getting into EVERYTHING!

Hudson fell alseep on the snowmobile


Grandpa getting his exersice

Jaxon, Hudson,& Kaelan sledding

Jaxon's new girlfriend

Jaxon & Addie

Me & Jax snowmobiling

Hudson snowmobiling

Kolten & Hudson



Wild boys!

Brett found a perfect spot for Hudson's time out. Yes, that is the ceiling.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hudson's school Christmas Party


Dax doesn't like Santa very much:)

Jaxon & Hudson with Santa

Playing in the snow!

Hudson & Kaelan



Build A Bear

I took the boys down to build a bear to make their Grandpa Carter a bear. They loved it and it turned out really cute. They recorded a message for him to get better and dressed it in a hospital gown. The boys miss their grandpa and wish that they could see him. They were very excited to know that we play their message for him. Who knows maybe something like that will help him wake up:)