Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Oops, I guess it is only August. This week, my doorbell rang and this is what I opened it to... trick or treaters. Hudson and Carston got together with some of the cute little neighbors and decided to go trick or treating. Thank you to all of my neighbors for humoring my kids. I guess they ended up with quite the loot. We love all of our neighbors. They are so much fun.

Mario Party

So, Jaxon had been bugging me for weeks to have a party with some kids that are in the "Mario Club" (mario brothers) so I finally told him that he could do a party. He made invitations (that didn't have any information on them:), delivered them and told everyone when to come. I figured that we would do it around lunchtime. That way we could plan a few things in the morning. Well at 9:00 am, my door bell rang and there they all were. Ready for the party! The one that we didn't have planned yet. To my surprise Jaxon had crafts set up down stairs for them and coloring pages printed out. He is so cute. So we threw a few more things together and made some cookies and had a good time. Kids are so great. they are so easily entertained.


Jaxon and Hudson are both playing soccer this year. Most games they enjoy it but they are hot and long for them. Josh says that Jaxon is a lot like him and is more concerned with talking to the guy next to him than actually playing. He is our little social butterfly:)



Friday, August 6, 2010

This is what happens when...

You let your two year old pick out his own cloths on a Sunday in August. He chooses a hoodie, Plaid shorts,Crocs and a shirt that goes past his knees:) This little kiddo is so much fun right now. I just cant get enough of him. He just makes me smile.

McKenna LOVES Chocolate

So the other day McKenna was being really quiet. This is what I found. She had found a Twix bar and somehow figured out how to open it. She was a mess but she was oh so happy:)

Happy Birthday Josh!

Josh Just had his 32nd birthday. We didn't do much cause he had to work all day but the boys got up and helped me make his favorite breakfast. They Each made him something from Color Me Mine so they were so excited to give their gifts to him. Then later we had all of the family over for a BBQ and cake and ice cream. It was so good to see everyone come and show Josh how much they love him. Thanks everyone! We love you!

Utah Lake

Stacey planned a family day at the lake. It was so much fun to hang out. A storm came in so we had to cut it a little short and I am not sure why but I didn't take hardly any pictures:( But it was tons of fun anyway. Thanks Stacey for planning it.

Welcome Home Elder Carter!!

We are so excited! Seth is finally home from the North Carolina, Raleigh mission. Glad to have ya home Seth.

Summer Swimming

The Kids love the pool. They would live there if I let them. Unfortunately for them 4 little kids are really hard to take to the pool, so they have only gotten to go a few times but As you can tell every time I go I have lots of helpers to keep track of them:) It makes it so that I don't have to stress the whole time I am there.( Yes when my kids are around water I am a stress case.)

Brittany & Stacey with 2 week old Brighton (yes, Stacey got in a swimsuit 2 weeks after having a baby!!) I guess when your that skinny you can:)

Nap Time

Jax,Walker,Hudson & Kealan

McKenna chillin in the shade at Seven Peaks

All worn out

How old do you have to be when you can eat ice cream and not get it all over your face? :)

Jaxon, Hudson & Walker

Carston & Nikki

Sky & McKenna

Kate & Jaxon in the lazy river

Libby and Carston

Hudson & Kate

Libby, Carston, Hudson & Kate

Grandpa & the Girls

Grandma, Nichole & Carston


The boys are SO into friends right now. All they ever want to do is play with friends. These are some pictures of movie nights that they had with friends.

Jaxon is getting mad at me for taking a picture of him and his "girlfriend" They were busy listening to some music. They think that they are so grown up.


A few weeks ago Krysta and I took the kids to Cabelas and let them run around:) This is them at the shooting gallery. They loved it.


For the Fourth of July we went up to Nate & Sarah's to light off fireworks. It was really fun but Little did we know it was going to be freezing cold. Nate's mom Joy made this cute hat and gave it to McKenna to keep warm. Thanks Joy!

McKenna & Aunt Sarah