Friday, June 19, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

The whole group

Josh dug this hole for them to play in

Josh Wakeboarding

Fishing at Lake Powell

Cute Carston

He is up to something. Again!

Jet skiing & Wave Running

Brett & Hudson

Stacey, Jaxon & Asha

So we found Carston's new obsession, Jet Skiing! He loves it. Poor Brett Had to keep taking him out on it all week.(Since Brett is the only one good enough not to dump them both)And when he wasn't on it in the water he was playing on it on the beach.
Brett & Carston

Nichole & Jaxon

Cody & Carston


Asha & Jax

Kolten was the only trooper who would get out with all of the kids

Tired Boys!

I guess this is what happens when you play too hard:)
Carston (and Asha's doll)



Swimming at Lake Powell

Jaxon & Carston LOVED the water this year. We couldn't keep Jax out of it.

Hudson was another story! This is what we usually got when we told him to get in. I think Nichole got a few pics of his swimming and I am pretty sure he was crying in all of them

Carston & Josh

Jax racing his daddy

Rainbow Bridge

This year at Lake Powell we decided go to Rainbow bridge. It was fun to see again. The boys didn't seem to care a whole lot. They had fun hiking. (at least until they got tired and hot)

Hudson, Jaxon & Asha

Two men and a Baby