Friday, January 29, 2010

Best makeover ever

So Jaxon wanted to give me a makeover and make me look good so that Josh and I could have a "special dinner" These were the results:)...

I look like I was beat!!

Hudson also did my make up later, i didn't take any pics cause it actually looked kinda decent. especially considering that a four year old BOY did it. Josh didn't like the idea of him being good at applying make up:) At least he wont have to worry about Jaxon ever becoming a make up artist

Friday, January 22, 2010

My CRAZY Carston

Carston is into everything right now. He is such a goof off and thinks that he is so funny. He loves to see what kind of reaction he can get from everyone. All of these pics were taken in one night. He was really on one that night:) Even though he is crazy, he is so much fun and we just love him to pieces.

Caveman/paint balling/pajamas=???

Trying to see how small of a box he can squeeze into


being a clown

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

House Update

We finally started building our house about two months ago. It is coming along great and I am so excited! They just did the 4 way inspection. Hopefully we will be able to move in sometime in the next two or three months:)

Jaxon Lost His First Tooth

While we were at the cabin Jax lost his first tooth. He was excited that everyone was there to see it. He didn't like that it bled a little though cause now he has another one that is REALLY loose and he wont pull it out. Josh gave him $20 to pull his tooth out at the cabin, but I told them that was only for the first tooth or we would go broke:)

Fun At The Cabin




Kolten & Carston

Grandpa hauling the boys up the hill

Jonny doing the same

Boys Love Fire!

Being Wild

Jax sledding

Hudson and Carston's wipe-out

More carrying kids:)

Hudson making a snow angel


Kaelan & Carston

Now it's Josh's turn to carry the sleds:)

Christmas Day

Grandma Carter's house

McKenna's first Christmas

Grandma Warner and McKenna taking a little snooze

Hudson & Carston trying out the new sled

Hudson and Kaelan

Josh and Jaxon playing his leapster

Christmas Eve

All The Grand kids

McKenna and her Teddy Bear

Hudson & Kealan kicking back watching a movie about Christ

The Puppet Show

Robyn And Jax TRYING to get us to sing

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's always fun when Jonny's in town

The boys seem to be able to talk Jonny into anything when he is in town. He played outside with them forever. Thanks Jonny! The boys love you!

Ault Christmas Party

Crazy Boys

Finding Christmas trees

This year we went down to Uncle Leo's tree lot to find our Christmas tree. The boys were SO excited!! Since we are still at my mom and dad's house we didn't get our own big one so the boys picked small ones for their bedrooms. Thanks uncle Leo and aunt Virginia.

Get-a-way to Tiberlakes

After I had McKenna we decided to go to the cabin for a couple of days. There was not really any snow but the boys had fun anyways. Especially building a new hideout.