Sunday, April 17, 2011


Jaxons class mascot, Spot got to come on our trip to St. George. Here is Spot having fun with Jaxon.

Swimming in St. George

Our favorite St. George Park

We found this park in St. George and the kids LOVED it! They wanted to go there every day. Most of the stuff in the park spun. I am surprised that none of them got sick.

Sleeping Arrangements

I don't know why but lately my kids have wanted to sleep everywhere but in their beds. One night they decided to have a camp out in the garage in the back of Josh's truck. I think they all froze and ended up coming inside. Then Jax made a boat bed out of a cardboard box and insisted on sleeping in the kitchen. Hudson also wanted to tryout the boat bed and fell asleep with a sucker in his mouth and a towel as a blanket. I guess the sucker explains all of our trips to the dentist:( None of those places sound very comfortable to me.

Let the Fires Begin!

The kids have been begging all winter to do a fire and make smores. Josh finally broke down and let them do one. Even though it was really cold, They loved it anyways.


A few weeks ago we went bowling one day when the kids were out of school. They had so much fun. They were wild and out of control that day and they were so excited to have Grandma, Brittany, Kolten and Walker come with us. Grandma kicked all our butts though. She secretly is a really good bowler:)

St. Patricks Day

We love any excuse to have fun around our house so we love St. Patricks day. We had green breakfast, The leprechaun left a trail of gold and some candy and little toys for the kids, and we had a green dinner.(didn't get any pictures)My mom also brought the kids lots of fun stuff that they were so excited about.