Monday, March 22, 2010

Yellowstone - Lots and lots of pictures = Lots and lots of FUN!

A few weeks ago we went to west Yellowstone with all of the aults. The boys had a blast. We swam tons! Went sledding, ice skating, roasted marshmellows with the towns people, played in the snow, went snowmobiling, and went into the park to see all of the animals and old faithful. Thanks grandma, it was a lot fun!

Josh watching movies with the kids while we played settlers all night

Josh and the boys Snowmobiling

Grandma and McKenna

The boys first time Ice Skating. They loved it!

Karlee and Hudson


Carston with Karlee and Richard - It took two to keep him on his feet


Roasting Marshmellows

McKenna and mommy

Hudson turned into a dare devil

Carston was not sure how he felt about the water this time.

Jax swam the short length of the pool all by himself for the first time.

McKenna just chillin

Riding at Two Top

Playing outside

Our Lil' snowmobilers

The Whole Gang

Old Faithful

At the waterfalls

Monday, March 15, 2010

Is it warm yet?!!!

So I just looked outside to check on my kids and this is what I found... It can't be more than 60 degrees out there and they are playing in the hose water. FREEZING! I think they are excited for summer. What do you think? Oh and it looks like Carston put on one of Hudsons swimsuits:)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jaxons Storage

Jaxon said the funniest thing last night so I figured that I had better write it down before I forget.
We were sitting watching TV, I told him that he hadn't given me a hug yet and asked if he had one in him. He ignored me and continued to watch TV. I figured "o well" about 5 minutes later he turned to me and said "Sorry mom, I had to look in my storage. It was on the right side behind the shovels." and he gave me a hug. I guess next time he wont give me a hug, I will just tell him to look in his storage.:)