Monday, January 31, 2011

Dino Day

I am SO ready for spring!! I just cannot wait to be able to go outside. My kids are getting bored and going stir crazy. So in an attempt to keep my kids entertained and save money, I came up with Dino day. It was actually a lot of fun. My kids are so easy to entertain. We colored dinosaur pictures, played Dino, Dino egg (duck,duck, goose), Decorated salt dough and paper mache eggs, had an egg hunt, made salt dough fossils and ate a volcano cake. Hopefully I can start coming up with some other fun things to get us through the rest of the winter:)

Paper Mache eggs - I put a little toy dinosaur in a balloon, blew it up and covered it in paper mache and let it dry overnight. The kids really liked decorating them and they loved breaking into them and getting the dinosaur out.

Volcano cake - This cake was super easy. My sister in law Sarah gave me the idea. you mix a cake mix as directed and pour into a bowl. pour a can of frosting in the middle and put it in the microwave for 8 min. Turn onto a plate and the lava pours out. Next time I will do red frosting. (they didn't think it looked very much like lava)

Salt dough eggs - I wrapped little toy dinosaurs in salt dough and shaped them like eggs and let them dry. They took almost 3 days to dry but the kids also thought these were pretty cool.

Friday, January 21, 2011


On Monday it was my brothers birthday. They were going snowmobiling to the cabin so we decided to tag along and let the kids play and go sledding. It was cold but a lot of fun>

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We finally have a Ponytail!

It may be a very small, sad little ponytail but I am just excited that she has enough hair to make a small ponytail:)Go figure that I would have a little girl with no hair.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Timberlakes Cabin

We went to the cabin after Christmas. It was so fun and really nice to get away. Everyone was able to make it this year. We had a great time!
Jaxons snow cave that he made with grandpa

Carston crashed

So one night Josh had a craving for cinnamon rolls. He got up in the middle of the night and made some. He fell asleep on the couch and woke up 5 hours later. This was the result... luckily my mom woke up a couple hours into them cooking and saved the cabin from burning down.

Me & Jax

Mckenna snowmobiling with daddy

McKenna and Grandpa

Grandpa giving Carston a ride (He loved it!)

Hudson decided to sick his face in the snow. He thought it was really funny. At least for a couple of seconds until it started getting cold. Then we couldn't get it off fast enough.


Friday, January 7, 2011


We had a great Christmas this year. The kids are at such fun ages!! It was so fun to watch them and their excitement. Christmas eve we spent with the Warner family. We had a delicious dinner and spent the evening exchanging gifts, watching our year video that my mom made and remembering the true meaning of Christmas. Oh and I can't forget, Trying to control the crazy grand kids! It has started to become a little chaotic sometimes. But it is so fun.
Christmas morning the kids opened their presents from Santa and then we headed over to my mom and dads for breakfast. My mom always makes a great christmas breakfast! We then came home and took a wonderful Christmas day nap and then headed over to the Carters. Again we had great food and exchanged gifts. It was so great to spend time with everyone. We are so blessed to have such great families and to live so close to them. Christmas always makes me feel so grateful for everything but especially for family.

Tired little guy

The Holidays wore Carston right out! One evening he sat to the table for dinner and before he even took one bit of his taco soup... he was out cold. I love how cute my kids are when they are sleeping. There is nothing like a sleeping child.

Santa Cookies

The kids had a lot of fun making cookies for Santa this year.

The finished masterpiece

Carston eating more of the frosting than he is putting on the cookies

Jaxon being very precise with his decorating

Hudson, Jaxon, Carston, Haley and Tye

Warner Christmas Party

This year almost everyone was at the party. My grandpa counted about 110 people there.(My dad is one of 15 siblings so we have a big family)It was a lot of fun. The kids loved having Santa come, well some of them did.

Carston thought Santa was his best friend again.

I was a little worried he was going to tug that beard

Jaxon was much more interested this time

and was laughing with Santa

Hudson was rest assured that all of his toys were already made, so he was happy

Brighton was good as always, but seemed a little confused by Santa

Skye was definitely not a fan!

Taylee was happy with grandma

Until it was her turn to sit on Santa's lap. She really liked the candy cane he gave her though

Korban wasn't sure what was going on

And Kaelan couldn't really decide if he liked Santa or not