Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Swimming

The Kids love the pool. They would live there if I let them. Unfortunately for them 4 little kids are really hard to take to the pool, so they have only gotten to go a few times but As you can tell every time I go I have lots of helpers to keep track of them:) It makes it so that I don't have to stress the whole time I am there.( Yes when my kids are around water I am a stress case.)

Brittany & Stacey with 2 week old Brighton (yes, Stacey got in a swimsuit 2 weeks after having a baby!!) I guess when your that skinny you can:)

Nap Time

Jax,Walker,Hudson & Kealan

McKenna chillin in the shade at Seven Peaks

All worn out

How old do you have to be when you can eat ice cream and not get it all over your face? :)

Jaxon, Hudson & Walker

Carston & Nikki

Sky & McKenna

Kate & Jaxon in the lazy river

Libby and Carston

Hudson & Kate

Libby, Carston, Hudson & Kate

Grandpa & the Girls

Grandma, Nichole & Carston

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