Friday, April 24, 2009

So I wish that I had some pictures to update you all with but on Easter our car was broken into during sacrament meeting and my camera, phone & purse were all taken. I am so sad that all of my pics are gone. the least the thieves could have done was leave me my smart card, right? Anyways our lives have been very busy and full of excitement. The boys had a great Easter. Jax says that he knows the Easter bunny is not real. He didn't believe that one for long:) Hopefully Santa lasts a little longer. After Jonny got home Ryan & Brea had their baby. She is a doll! They named her Taylee & we just LOVE her. We also snuck in a trip to st. George it was so nice to get away. Hopefully I can round up some pics from other people and post them. After we got home we all got strep and were down for a few days. Then we had Jonny's homecoming and Then last week was Brett and Stacey's wedding. It has been a lot of fun to see all of our family and friends but it will also be nice for things to slow down a little bit. So there is a little update of our lives. I will bust out my old camera and hopefully get some new pics soon.

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