Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here is to catching up

So I finally found some time to sit down and try to catch up on my blogging. Good luck getting through all of the posts. I think I posted so many that they even go into the older posts:)

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Angela said...

Wow! Good job on catching up. If I get too far behind, I just skip everything I wanted to post and post on recent stuff. Looks like you all had a busy summer with lots of good and not so good stuff. I was really sad to hear about Josh's dad; I just can't even imagine losing a parent.

Where did you get your comforter set? We also got a king size bed (actually a Cal king because Eli wanted the extra length) and I'm still just using a queen quilt I got for our wedding. Eli really doesn't like it because the yarn gets up his nose. =)

It seems weird that our kids are old enough to be in school. Don't you feel like you just graduated, or at the very least just got married?

Are you still working? I'm needing a trim and in about 3 weeks or so I'll be up there full time. I'm just waiting for Hyrum to decide that he's ready to nurse; once that happens, I'll move up there until he comes home.